More Interesting Visualizations

September 19, 2007

Here are a few of the papers that I took a look at that were interesting, at least the papers I read in the past couple days.

Either way, I like some of their stuff. I think that when I implement this for native C++ (later tonight), I’m going to try to use an approach where;

My system is based on live analysis of native binary code. The one thing that I’m going to discuss, is the varying methods to represent an object during its lifetime with functional visualizations (i.e. that show more than simple linear relationships between object classes).


I’ve been playing around with TAU a lot, pretty interesting. I’ve been porting the Open Trace Format (OTF) to C# for use in managed / WPF visualization related work.

Even though this link is a bit old I did learn a lot about Kiviat diagrams, they also have a neat simulation that depicts the live execution context of a process while it run’s in system memory.


I decided to play around with IE and see how well I could adapt WPF to a systems application. This was my first try, so it sort of looks like an alien toothbrush or something, but it get’s the idea across.

It’s essentially a height map, and a mesh, pretty basic; I haven’t calibrated it to operate on the heap exclusively or anything like that. I just wanted to start playing around with 3DTools. I’m giving a presentation at BlueHat in a week or so, but I totally have all this done already and I’m just going to blog about it bit by bit ūüėČ — right!!

I like some of these visualizations quite a bit;

Anyhow, my first real blog post ever!


IE 7 on Vista

Hello world!

September 18, 2007

My poor old Solaris Ultra5 webserver just cant handle PHP / apache / MySQL / netqmail and such, so for the time being.¬† It’s just me and my word press.

I’ll be posting some relevent news about my new company Security Objectives.

This’ll be the biz blog!!

Here’s my new puppy.

My dog , With the Parents